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UIF-United Island Freeroam is most famous and know server of SAMP(no it isn't).It has been created in 2008 by person called Europe(uifdev since 2014)(no it wasn't).Between 2008 and 2010 server wasn't on SAMP because of now unknown problems(because of uifdev/glo/flo/santa DDoSing other communities and threatening them like a cyber criminal and so kalcor fucked it off the master list cus uifdevs a cunt, and did the same thing in 2013 with james mayes),but now is back on SAMP and ready to play.More than 500 players join server every day and it has most modificed SAMP world there is(what?).UIF is most playable server because you can do everything in it,except cheating(no, you can cheat in it too, just install sobiet and away you go). Also the server just gotten lame af


United Island Freeroam(not usland, island, dickhead) Forum has something more than 15000 registered players(wrong, you may as well delete 99% of them),nobody really knows how many registered players does it have in-game(yes we do),but it's counting more than 100 000(no shit).Server has more than 700 players in-game every day and it's always on top(no it isn't),but there are "tmp"(unregistered) players,sometimes they can cause problems,but server staff takes care of them(no they don't, a lot of them especially jazz spends his day turning /pms and /gos off).


There are many commands on UIF.Some of them allow you to customize your skin,adding objects and such things.There are much challenges where players seek for fun(challenges with boring, bland names with no taste or life).Server has God mode system which allows you(only in freeroam) to stay alive all time,no effect can kill you.There're much very useful commands in every player can take purpose of.(fix ur englsih)


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2015 [D]arth cock

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